Prussian Landwehr Kavallerie Officer's Tunic. In excellent condition. Lacks epaulets but shoulder retaining chains present.  Metallic braid around cuffs is loose in places and would benefit by some well placed stitches. $450.00

Hungarian Artillery Officer with gold bullion sleeve knot and gold bullion collar trim. Missing all buttons. Buttons shown on rear flaps are incorrect. Slight mothing. Tear on red portion of right cuff. Needs some restoration work, $150.

Hungarian Hussar Officer's  Tunic with gold bullion braid.  Tunic has been damaged by rodents and has several holes.  All bullion trim and buttons are intact. A challenge to restore or display in a folded profile position $150

Austro Hungarian Artillery Officer tunic with bullion collar braid and single bullion star on each collar tip. Excellent condition. $400

Austro Hungarian Militaria

Prussian Officer's Uberrock.  3/4 Length Coat Worn during shoulder season In excellent condition.

Estimate size to be Mens Large. $400.00

“german prussian